Religious Education

Welcome to the Faith Formation section of our website! Here at St. Francis, nothing is more important than faith and family. It is our goal to combine both while being flexible and accommodating to all. We use a family model of study, where we help guide parents and guardians, together with their children, into a deeper knowledge of all facets of the Catholic faith. By covering one general theme at length each year, it is our goal that by their confirmation, every one of our students will have a well-rounded knowledge of all the important topics pertaining to their faith. Once a month during the school year, families will meet for a class session. Half of the time will be spent split up by age group to learn the lesson at an age appropriate level. The other half of the class will be spent doing a related activity together as a family. There is also a service requirement, once per month during the school year. This can be done outside of the parish or at one of our many parish-directed service opportunities.  For more information, please contact our Director of Faith Formation, Elizabeth Woods, at 716-627-3357 ext. 13 or by email at Also, for more information about our Formation Program, please check out the new website at