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GOOD (GREAT) NEWS: We are now open for the celebration of our Masses and are back to our regular schedule of Masses. For a while things will be quite different. Only 25% of our total capacity will be allowed in church at one time, which limits us to 100 people. We have considered the best way to go about this, including a system of reservations. However, that would be very complicated and would have to be done for each Mass each weekend. For now, we will play it by ear and if/when we reach the limit, people will have to be understanding. The guidelines we have received are very explicit. Also, very important: The obligation to attend Mass continues to be lifted or suspended, especially for those with any medical condition. So, please stay home if you are among the vulnerable or those who are ill. (We will continue to Live Stream our Masses. We are going to try a new platform for our Masses called StreamSpot. We will try it out for a few days to see how it works.)

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For those who will be physically present at Mass:
☞ Face masks will be required.
☞ You will notice that every other pew will be blocked off. We ask when you arrive, that you maintain a healthy distance from non-family members. Please move into the pew so that people won’t have to climb over you. You will be encouraged to fill up the front first. Leaving, you will be encouraged to keep that healthy distance.
☞ Please avoid any congregating before or after Mass.
☞ Our greeters will direct you when it comes time for Holy Communion. We will have communicants form a single line in the main aisle and return via the side aisle. Similar to what is required of us in stores, waiting in the cash register lines, a healthy distance must be maintained with regard to the persons in front of and behind you. Those giving out Holy Communion will be wearing face masks. Please keep your face mask on until the moment you step forward to receive Communion in your hand.
☞ We have had to remove our hymnals and prayer cards from the benches. Congregational singing is being discouraged for the time being. Please feel free to hum–LOL!
☞ The crying room and its restroom will be closed for the time being.

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Greetings from Fr. Ross

Peace and Blessings to you. Here we are in summer and still in the midst of these extraordinary times. There is still a lot of uncertainty about where the future will take us, but we have to remain firm in our faith and hope, each doing our part to make things better. Let us continue to pray for an end to Covid-19 and also for a true and lasting PEACE in our streets that will come about through true and lasting JUSTICE. Don’t forget to check out our Weekly Bulletin, the Sunday Homily and Reflection. (The tabs are found below.) Please do not hesitate to contact me with any of your questions or concerns via email (fr.ross@verizon.net) or give me call (Office: 627-2710, Ext. 11 / Cell: 410-258-4087). May our closeness to God and each other fill our hearts with hope and confidence. May God continue to bless you and your loved ones. May we continue to bless one another with our kindness, gentleness, patience and prayers. DON’T FORGET: WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS! AMEN!

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