About Us

Our Mission

To nourish our love of God through Jesus Christ under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Centered in the Eucharist, we are developing a faith community through prayer, education, worship, and Christian fellowship. As stewards of God’s love, we strive to share our gifts and talents for the service of God and all His people.


Our Parish

St. Francis of Assisi parish strives to be a Christ-centered expression of the family of God, nourished by Spirit-filled worship and ministries that impact, challenge, and empower people of all ages to serve one another in a spirit of community, stewardship and outreach. Jesus Christ, companion, Lord and Savior is the life-giving center of this community. The Eucharist is our font of nourishment, where with Jesus, we offer the Father praise and worship. We experience Christ’s love and presence also in our many groups and ministries, in which we feed and nurture each other and the world around us. We are a community of stewardship, sharing our time, treasure and giftedness with each other and the world. We believe that through our common Baptism, each of us is blessed with gifts of the Spirit to be used for the common good and the Glory of God. We are a welcoming, evangelizing community, striving to be accepting and inclusive of all people. We are a community of outreach, ministering to the victims of society’s sin and injustice with the resources God has blessed us. St. Francis is a community committed to responding to the mandate of Jesus in John’s Gospel: “Love one another as I have loved you.”