Baptism Details


The birth of a child is cause for great gladness and rejoicing. The new life that has become a part of your family is the living sign of what God said at the beginning when he created us: “The two shall become one flesh.” God has created us in and through love, that is to say, the only reason God created us is because he wishes to share his love with us. God created us dependent upon him and his presence in our lives. That is why he made us in his image and likeness–so that we could love him in return. It is only when we love him and others that we will come to experience all that God wants for us and be all that God intended us to be. God also intended that our families be those special places where we learn about God’s love through the love that is shown and shared in the home. Jesus reminds us that we live out our relationships with God as members of the Church, daughters and sons of God, sisters and brothers to one another.

Parents who wish to have their child baptized at St. Francis Parish, need to obtain a copy of the complete Baptism Guidelines and Procedures from the parish office or they can obtained by clicking on Baptism Guidelines and Procedures  below. So that the celebration of Baptism will be most meaningful, for those parents/guardians who are new to the Faith Community or those who are just returning to regular participation in the life of the Faith Community, the policy here at St. Francis of Assisi Parish is to formally register with the parish (contact the parish office or to the Contact Us page for a registration form) and after a period of three months of regular participation, verified by the use of the collection envelopes, an appointment can be made with Fr. Ross for an initial interview and “get acquainted” session. After that, arrangements will be made for the Baptism Date and the Baptism Preparation Session which is for both the parents and godparents. Baptisms will usually take place on the last weekend of the month and, depending upon the month, will be celebrated at either the Saturday 4:00 PM Mass or the Sunday 8:30 Mass or 11:00 AM Mass (only one Mass per month). For more information, please call the parish office at (716) 627-2710.

Baptism Guidelines and Procedures